I briefly mentioned the use of more “nature-inspired” design elements in my previous blog post. This brings me to our next trend in fabric called “The Frontier” look! It’s one of my favorite as it incorporates colors, textures and different uses of textiles. These tattered beauties includes ornamental raw materials with manipulated and hand crafted fabrics. This look pairs well with the ever so popular re-claimed wood look, but shines with beautiful brass and warm gold tones.Frontier Look

Like geometric fabrics this ‘Artisanal’ look with a rebirth of natural fibers, organic shapes, hand-crafted accessories and handwoven textiles can be easily incorporated with a traditional look.

West Elm baskets Artisanal Fabrics


As the mood swings away from a throw-away culture and we see color and texture beginning to replace chrome and the sleek neutral boutique hotel look, we can expect to see more pattern, more layering of materials and little more fun with color.

Natural elementsWhen it comes to fabrics for interiors, a lot of designers base their choices on looks they see from the runway, so the trends trickle down about a year later. Warm but calming colors are complimented by natural textures and soft shapes while furniture is becoming ever more tailored and intuitive, both at home and in the office. As a designer, I love creating furniture that complements the architecture of a space and reflects the personality and aesthetic of the homeowner. By using these current trends we can incorporate timeless pieces with new looks to get just the feel you want in your home.

Check out this article in this month’s issue of Better Homes and Garden.better homes and garden                                                                                            Milwaukee, WI resident Charmaine Nunag’s home is featured as a perfect example of eclectic style incorporating modern edges and frontier textures. I absolutely love her home and the way she finds older pieces and make them her own. Also, check out the great tips she gives for people looking to re-upholster a piece of furniture!