The easiest way to transform a room or add a bit of color to a room is through pillows! Layering beautiful colors, textures and coordinating patterns can add so much character to a simple couch or chair. As a designer and a seamstress I see how putting together the perfect combination of fabrics, sizes and shapes of pillows can be key. Here are some great tips to follow when revamping your space.

  1. Pillow placement and number:
    When deciding on how many pillows to make for a couch you should always settle on an odd number and of different sizes. Too many pillows of the same size can make the couch look cluttered and end up looking like a pile of pillows. I like to start with two larger pillows on the ends of the couch.couch Always start from the outside and work your way in. I always like to layer my pillows from back to front.
  2. Shape and Size:
    Start with larger pillows on the end of the couch, 22″ or 24″ square pillows work best. Layer a smaller size pillow in front. An 18″ square is the most common pillow size and is the perfect amount of fabric to show a fun pattern or texture. To mix things up add an odd shaped pillow to the bunch.  I decided to add a lumbar pillow, ample enough to accompany the other four pillows on the couch but not too much to over take the shape of the couch.
  3. Picking fabrics:
    This is my favorite part!! I love matching different patterns and colors together to make a nice family of pillows (with coordinating draperies of course!!) A lot of people have troubles picking the right combo and I have some very simple tips to help pick the perfect combination.
    As I mentioned before, odd numbers are great. I try to first pick 3 fabrics that look and feel great with each other. Start with a fabric with movement. This could range any where from a floral, an ikat or a paisley. Next look for a geometric pattern. A bold look will help break up a floral or multi colored texture. Lastly, find a small scale fabric. This means a solid or a color on color pattern. fabric placingCheck out these beautiful Thibaut fabrics so perfectly coordinating together in this living room. Notice the three pillows! You have your movement, geometric and small scale fabrics.fabricsHere is another great example of mixing a movable fabric with a geometric and a small scale design.fabricsThibaut fabrics shown: Pattern: Waterford Floral in Charcoal, Pattern: Demetrius Applique in Grey, Pattern: Temecula Embroidery in Beige. Anna French Fabrics shown: Pattern: Scottsdale Embroidery in Blue & White, Pattern: Balin Ikat in Navy, Pattern: Sterling Paisley in Navy.