Slipcovers make BIG changes with LITTLE effort!

Sometimes slipcovers get a bad rap.  Almost like they are only for covering up or hiding bad furniture.  This is far from true!   Often, I meet clients who have grown tired of their current decor but a complete overhaul is not possible for a variety of reasons:  not in the budget or current furniture is high quality just ‘dated’.  colorful slipcoversWhatever the reason, slipcovers can be a design dream!  They can add casual comfort or formal appeal. Almost any decor style you are drawn to, can be achieved with slipcovers!

I like to tell clients that they can change their entire decor style and a room’s personality with simple fabric.  From a practical standpoint, slipcovers are perfect for high traffic areas and also protect your furniture from spills or stains – whether it be from pets  

or little people (I have both!) or just general use.  From a design standpoint, you have major versatility when choosing to slipcovers for furniture.  

Striped slipcover

If you are someone who gets bored of trends or likes to change your room based on seasons, slip covers are a perfect way to make an easy fast change.

We recently got two beautifully shaped chairs whose fabric just didn’t make the cut. The client wanted a simple denim slip cover to protect her chairs from her furry pets but have a sleek modern look for her new home.

before & AfterThe end result is stunning. We turned two tired chairs into a California chic look.
slip covers

Denim, canvas and linen fabrics are ideal for making casual, washable slipcovers when you choose the right weight, hand-feel and coverage.
The same holds true for cotton matelassé, hemp herringbone, polyester velvet and many other types of home decor fabric.
With so many different fabrics to consider, how do you choose the best one for YOUR slipcover project?

First choose a look and feel that you love. If you’re going for a shabby seek look pick something light and neutral. If a tailored look is more your style, pick a thicker tighter weave fabric that will hold its shape better.

Next, make sure the durability of the fabric matches your needs. Do you plan on washing these slip covers? A lot of upholstery fabrics are dry clean only and without knowing this you could end up shrinking your slipcovers and tearing the fabric at the seams. Tightly woven, stable and supple fabrics work best for washable slipcovers. Here are some key points to follow when picking a fabric.

  • Occasional use and wash, mostly decorative = light to medium weight fabric.fabrics
  • Daily use, moderate traffic, occasional wash = medium to heavy weight fabric.
  • Daily use, heavy traffic, kid & pet friendly, frequent wash = heavy weight fabric.

You should also think about doing a test wash on your fabric. Buy an yard of the fabric you intend to use and run it through the wash machine. A laundered yard of fabric reveals a great deal about how it will look, feel, cover, wash and wear in a slipcover.

A wash test allows you to:

  • Discover how the color looks in your space.
  • See how much the fabric wrinkles and how much it shrinks.
  • Check the coverage on your upholstery.
  • Feel the after-washed hand.
  • Find out if the fabric pills, crocks, puckers or fades.

At Digs & Design, we can make slip covers for almost any piece of furniture. If you are interested in having some slipcovers made give us a call or e-mail any inquiries to