It goes without saying that Cedarburg is a wonderful place to live.  I could go on and on about how and why I love living and raising my family in this city.   The shops, the community, the natural beauty and resources, and did I say the SHOPS?!  

Flea MarketFor years, with my upholstery and painting skills I have enjoyed taking antiques and making them new again with fun fabrics and fresh paint. I’ve spent endless hours searching high and low for great pieces of furniture at garage sales, auctions and flea markets.Walter's Loft Store

One of my favorite places to look for great quality pieces are at Walter’s Loft. I had often visited Scott and Carrie at their Fox Point location and rarely left without a good buy. When I found out they were putting a second location on Washington Ave. in Cedarburg, I was ecstatic!

The new store carries a much larger selection of furniture and home decor items on consignment.  I stopped in right when they opened and was so pumped to have a gem of a spot to find furniture treasures closer to home!  I’ve snapped a few photos of some pieces that caught my eye.  All of them would just shine with brand new fabric that speaks to you and maybe even a coat of paint!  The sky’s the limit, and I have so many ideas!!

Sometimes, we get stuck in the mindset of “out with the old in the with new!”  But what about, MAKE THE OLD NEW?    I think that some of the best furniture was made decades ago.  You can tell when a piece just has good “bones”, you know?   Many times we have that one corner of our home, or maybe multiple corners, where you just need SOMETHING, but are not sure what.  Walter’s Loft could be just the place to find an adorable accent table, sitting bench or other furniture piece with immeasurable character!  I’d encourage everyone to stop in and take a look!  Scott is often there when I’ve been in and always very helpful.  Ask him to explain their special dropping price schedule to you too!

walters Loft

I’ve left some Digs & Design cards for you to take at Walter’s Loft in Cedarburg.  That way when you find your special piece and we can breath new life into it with the perfect fabric!  If something catches your eye, be sure to grab a Digs card and give me a call.  I cannot wait to help you fill that space and love your home!

IMG_3404If you are a Walter’s Loft customer I will give you 15% off your next Digs & Design Service!Walter's Loft Store