About Me

Julie Mullarkey earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. While working in the fast-paced career of advertising, Julie decided to take time off to raise her family of five. During this time Julie focused on her children’s needs.

While identifying new ways to stimulate children’s early development, Julie couldn’t deny her lifelong passion for color and design. In her free time Julie enlisted in trade programs related to design, textiles, furniture and upholstery industries. Her passion has led to experience in the industry as a free-lance consultant and designer for custom window treatments, textiles, upholstered furniture and furniture re-design. She has worked on a variety of projects from home decor to commercial and residential renovations. She has a strong sense of color, pattern and texture, and enjoys bringing these strengths to every project big or small.

Julie was the co-owner of Bohemia in Cedarburg, a home decor and design store, before starting her solo career with Digs & Design.

Black chairs and glass table